Friday, 10 January 2020

Octopus Colouring Sheet and other nature crafts

Running out of kids' activities for the holidays?

Thanks to illustrator Fraser Williamson, each of the "Whose?" books has a matching activity which helps extend the children's thinking about the book concepts.

Whose Beak is This? has a kākā mask to colour and make; Whose Feet are These? has a gecko to colour and add some 'sticky' feet; now there is a colouring sheet for Whose Home is This? based on the colourful illustration of wheke, the octopus.

Octopus mothers look for hiding places where they can look after their eggs until they hatch. Octopus are also experts at camouflage and are able to change colour and texture to match their surroundings. You could colour in the picture to show it camouflaged, or to show the many different colours of the underwater world.
The original illustration of wheke, the octopus from Whose Home is This?
Other crafty book related ideas include creating an animal home/habitat diorama or making kiwi beak book corners.

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