Friday, 9 July 2021

Bringing Back the Ocean-going Birds

Mention ocean-going birds and the mighty long-winged albatross comes to mind. But the ball of fluff I hold in my hands is no heavier than a pompom and not much larger. 

White-faced storm petrel chick

Weighing in at just 40-50 grams, white-faced storm petrels are a small miracle. The chick is so tiny, so delicate. But when I loosen my hold, the Jesus Christ bird rockets out, its long legs springing it off into the bushes. Once fledged this bird will be walking on water, its long legs and webbed feet bounding across the waves. For now though, I must wrangle it safely back into its burrow.

Monday, 3 May 2021

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Reef heron from 2019

Reef Heron

The smooth grey rock

on the jagged shore

lifts up

separates from the shadows

two legs stalk

head darts

beak breaks the mirror

surface of the pool 

reef heron snaps and swallows

becomes rock again.

Yesterday I was down at Pukerua Bay beach, the water was glassy blue and the rocks dark shadows. I watched as a rock changed shape, became a reef heron, snapped some food and settled back again into it's rock-like posture. I'm having fun writing nature poetry!

Monday, 19 April 2021

Join the campaign for Earth - our other mother

My instagram contribution to the Our Other Mother campaign

Nature fills me with wonder, I'm in awe of its beauty and power, I share this wonder with parents and children in the books that I write. Most recently I've written about being Nature Heroes. I believe each of us can be a Nature Hero, no matter how young or old or where we live. But I know that people can act on emotions, they need to care enough to take the first steps. I love the "Our Other Mother" campaign because it gives us a thousand reasons to care. Each contribution to the campaign reminds us of the "mother-child" relationship that exists between us and Planet Earth, the source of our life.

Get Creative and Join in

Here's what Parents for Climate Aotearoa have to say about how to get involved:

Young or old, professional illustrator or child artist, everyone can contribute

Visit for more details