Tuesday, 6 September 2016

When it's Raining - Kiwi Book Corner Craft

While it's great to be outdoors with kids, on some rainy, wintery days it's good to be inside. Sometimes, too, it's fun to follow up outdoor observations with indoor activities. Here's a fun idea that I tried out recently at the Storylines Family Days in Dunedin and Christchurch.

Kiwi Book Corners
These cute origami kiwi hold the place in your book.
Kiwi book corners

You will need:

  • square origami paper  15cm x15cm 
  • light card for beaks and feet
  • glue pen or sticky tape
  • pens for eyes and whiskers
Fold your origami paper in half to make a triangle.
Make a triangle

Now take the opposite corners of the base of the triangle and fold them up to meet at the top.
Fold up opposite corners

Open the two flaps out again and fold under the top part of the large triangle.
Open out and fold under top of large triangle

Now fold the side flaps up again and tuck the ends under. You've made the book corner.
Tuck under flaps to make the book corner

Now add details to your book corner. Cut out a beak and feet from card and glue or tape in place. Draw on eyes and whiskers. 

This activity worked well for little fingers
Tips: always crease the folds firmly. 

There are lots of other designs for book corners online, including on You Tube videos. 

Storylines crafty kids - these girls made hats for their kiwi book corners

Complement your kiwi book corner with a kaka mask, and talk about the different beaks birds have. See my Pinterest board for more beak information and activities.

Kiwi facts
Kiwi have special whiskers that help them feel in the dark. 
Kiwi have nostrils in the ends of their beaks to help them smell worms in the dark.
A kiwi book corner holds the place in "Whose Beak is This?"