Saturday, 1 April 2017

Make a Kaka Mask - beaky fun

Kākā play a role in my book 'Whose Beak is This?' illustrated by Fraser Williamson. To celebrate its publication Fraser created a super kākā mask. Print it out on A3 paper to fit a child's face. See the instructions below.

These children added feathers to their masks
at Storylines in Dunedin in 2016

  1. Print out the Kaka mask PDF on A3 paper (we used light card but paper would work well too.)
  2. Colour it in before you cut out the shape.
  3. Cut around the mask, get an adult to help cut out the eyes so you can see through.
  4. Cut out the band of paper and stick or staple one end to one side of the mask, get an adult to measure how long it needs to be to fit around your head. Then finish it off by sticking or stapling the band in place so it fits just right.

Another way of wearing the mask, two brothers
at the Storylines Festival in Christchurch 2016

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