Thursday, 24 July 2014

Watching Nature with NatureWatchNZ

UPDATE 25.6.18 to this blog post: Nature Watch NZ is now iNaturalistNZ, you can see all my observations at

You may have noticed that a 'widget' has appeared below my blogposts, headed Nature Watch NZ.

Explore and Discover Nature is all about observing nature: quirky events like the By the Wind Sailor beach invasion last year or the Sea Foam after the Storm ; through seasonal observations such as Winter Walks in the Bush, to places to go and things to do when out and about.

By the Wind Sailors
I'm recording observations on NatureWatchNZ. You can see the six most recent observations under the Nature Watch heading. Click on the heading and you'll get taken to the NatureWatchNZ site, while clicking on my observations will take you to all the things I've recorded so far.

Apart from recording what you see in your garden or at your beach, you can join projects set up by people with a particular interest. I've started a Tree Daisies project because I like the way these intriguing trees stand out from the crowd and want to see what different shapes and sizes they come in.

Better still you can record an observation and have an expert help you identify what you've seen.

There is also an iPhone or iPad app for people on the go to record their observations.

There is only one reservation I have - I can't record everything I see - there isn't enough time in the day. So I'm mostly recording things I've photographed, that are on this blog, that we've seen on Forest and Bird or Zealandia walks, or that have got me intrigued. Not exactly a scientific approach!