Thursday, 31 July 2014

A Wasp's Nest!

My friends found these wasp nests when they replaced their roof. Years ago the wasps built these nests, and although the wasps died long ago, the nests have endured.

In "In the Garden" I wrote that wasps like to nest in warm places such as house roofs and Ned illustrated the wasp beautifully.  
But we didn't show a nest or talk about how wasps build them.

 Look closely at this photo of the wasp's nest and you can see it looks like its made of papery wood shavings!
Photo by Max George
The wasps chewed up wood from trees or their surroundings and mixed it with saliva to create their nest.

We were lucky that this was an abandoned nest. Wasp stings are very painful, so you should never approach a wasp's nest unless you know for sure its empty!