Thursday, 22 August 2013

Winter Flowers in the Bush

In the last week our native clematis has been starting to make itself seen. Patches of frothy white blooms are appearing on the bush canopy. They'll grace the canopy for a few months before the flowers die and turn into fluffy seed heads and the leaves merge back into the green canopy.
Department of Conservation have published a resource about clematis in the Wellington region that can help you tell one native clematis from another.
Clematis paniculata
kowhai tree

Also out now and not just in the bush but in parks and gardens are kowhai flowers. Some garden varieties are just dripping with large buds, and the tuis are romping through them, enjoying the nectar. This one was spotted in the bush along the Mohaka river a few years ago, in the background on the right hand side is some more clematis.