Friday, 21 November 2014

Clean and Green? Let's put an end to litter.

Like many tourists, I like to take photos of beautiful landscapes - places I've seen and enjoyed. The lovely clear waters of Northland

 and the stunning Karekare waterfall
It's rare that we'll photograph something unpleasant, so our trip photos usually show the best side of the places we've been. Sadly on a recent trip, we came across overflowing rubbish bins close to beaches (all it needed was a wind gust for all that plastic to end up in the sea) and rubbish dumped in the bush at the beginning of a walkway close to a road rest stop.

Want to take action?
- Join a beach or park clean up, one place to find out about what's on in your area is or contact your local Forest and Bird branch.
- Take rubbish home, rather than using bins at the beach.
- Think about how you might produce less rubbish, some good tips can be found at Rubbish Free Guide

local school children campaign against litter