Sunday, 8 June 2014

World Oceans Day

How will you mark World Oceans Day?

A week or so ago we walked along the coast and as we walked we picked up plastic rubbish and cans, until our bags were full. Sadly we had to leave a lot of rubbish because we couldn't carry it all.
Rubbish picked up along the coast
Rubbish gets into the sea from the beach, from boats and also from being blown into the sea from the land.

I've been learning a lot about the Ocean over the last year. (Can you guess why?)

I knew that keeping our Oceans clean was important, but over the last year I saw many photos of sea creatures that were hurt or killed by our rubbish. At Kelly Tarlton's I saw a turtle that had swallowed plastic bags and needed to be nurtured back to health.

Here are some ideas about how to keep our Oceans clean.

  1. Take any rubbish home from the beach or boat (keep your drink bottles, cans and bags where they can't blow away by mistake)
  2. Recycle plastic (plastic sent to recycling is less likely to blow away from the rubbish tip)
  3. Use less plastic, then there is less chance of it becoming rubbish (do you really need to take new plastic bags at the supermarket or could you take reusable bags?)