Monday, 13 January 2014

Day Trips in Wellington - Zealandia

Zealandia really is the best New Zealand nature experience for tourists in the capital. Visitors we took there said it was the best experience of their whole trip, and we were standing in pouring rain at the time!

It's not the only place to get up close to New Zealand's birds - there are zoos and sanctuary islands. Nor is it the best place to get out into the bush - there are some awesome pristine forests out there. It is the way the visitor is subtly guided and provided with information.

AND its fun for kids.

Birds have a tendency to fly away so can be frustrating for kids. 
But here the kaka can be spotted sitting and feeding.

And the tuatara stay very still and play the camouflage game.

There are towers to climb and dams and bridges to cross.

There are pathways to explore.

Check the website out