Monday, 6 May 2013

Beach Photo Fun

In the last blog I used my camera to capture some treasure hunt collections. A cheap waterproof camera is also fun to have at the beach. Here's a picture taken with a cheap waterproof camera. 
 Can you guess how it was taken? 

Here's another one taken the same way.
Here's how it was done. 
The camera lens was half in and half out of the rock pools. It was a neat discovery to see what patterns this made. The mussels and seaweed in the pool are reflected in the surface of the pool. 

See what art you can create using a camera, but don't put the camera into the water unless you know it is waterproof!

Here are the treasure hunt answers or best guesses from the last blog. 
First photo: bladder from bladder kelp, feather from New Zealand dotterel, piece of kina shell
Second photo: red-billed gull feather, cat's eye snail shell, piece of neptune's necklace seaweed, piece of whelk or ostrich foot shell. 
The origin of the feathers was based on what birds were on the beach. The hardest was the piece of shell in the second picture, it was so tiny, and there weren't any larger shells with the same pattern on the beach.