Friday, 22 March 2013

Herons and a local photo competition

Another feature of my blog is to let you know about what’s on - projects, competitions, events to do with nature in the Wellington region or elsewhere in New Zealand. 

Right now there is a great photo competition for all ages run by the Guardians of Pauatahanui Inlet, closing 8 April. Even if you aren’t in the Wellington area, take a look at last year’s winners for some inspiration.

Looking at these photos you can see what great subjects herons make. They keep so still while they are looking for crabs or fish, which makes them easier to photograph than some other birds. They rely on keeping still and then making sudden quick movements, hoping to catch their prey before the crab or fish realises they are dinner. Often I see just one heron on its own stalking prey, but earlier in the summer I came across this amazing sight of a whole flock of herons feeding at low tide. 

There were over a dozen birds, maybe 15 or 20 altogether. I’m interested to know whether this is unusual. The photo was taken just north of Te Angiangi marine reserve on the East Coast.