I enjoy exploring New Zealand's outdoors and discovering nature. I'm lucky to live in New Zealand. It's a special place with unique ecosystems and amazing wild places. I volunteer on conservation projects to help protect and learn more about our amazing wildlife. I write about this in books and magazine articles, as well as in my blog.  

Tramping pack on my back,
tackling the Humpridge Track 
I'm the author of the award winning "Explore and Discover" series for children, illustrated by Ned Barraud, published by Potton & Burton. Other books are "Whose Beak is This?" and "Whose Feet are These?" both illustrated by Fraser Williamson.  I started writing this blog - Explore and Discover Nature - to accompany my books. There was only so much space in the books and many more creatures, plants and interesting things to talk about - from wasp's nests to 'by-the-wind sailors'

I also blog about being a volunteer and citizen scientist, such as monitoring geckos on Mana Island and about some of New Zealand's interesting places which I think others would enjoy visiting. Many are around the Wellington region where I live. But 
tramping or hiking is also a great way to encounter rare native wildlife from blue duck (whio) to kiwi.

There are a few tips on my blog too, activities for children from making snacks to take into the outdoors to thinking about ways to craft ideas. I also write reviews of books, Apps and other resources.

Previously I've been a teacher, publisher and Chief Executive. Now I'm an author, conservation volunteer and citizen scientist.  This blog is for anyone who, like me, is intrigued by the natural world.